What is mindfulness meditation?

By Iani de Kock The last decade, it seems that mindfulness meditation has become all the rage, especially with Silicon Valley tycoons (like Google) professing that mindfulness meditation enhances the productivity and employee satisfaction of their staff. Is this hype justified with mindfulness meditation that is being touted as revolutionary »

That smell is getting to me…

There are very few things that spoil my day like a smelly dustbin. During summertime, I’ve noticed that my dustbin sometimes gets a bit… funky. I don’t mean it breaks out in dance moves or tells knock-knock jokes, I mean it gets this funky smell. So, I did what every »

How to shop during Corona

We’re certainly living in strange times. Shopping has suddenly taken on the shape of a giant mountain. Shops are only allowing a certain number of people in at a time, everything is constantly being disinfected, and masks have replaced smiles. But, how can we stay safe and minimize our risk »

Betty earings you have to see!

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but after seeing be Betty’s gorgeous handmade polymer clay earrings, I’m inclined to disagree. These gorgeous earrings are proudly Namibian and are handmade from polymer clay (a lightweight modelling clay often used in arts & crafts), making it the perfect addition to »

Socks appeal!

By now you’ve probably realised that we love proudly Namibian products, artists, and creatives. During our search for amazing artists and products, we happened upon Gweri Vintage’s Instagram page. And wow! what a page. It is filled with happy, sun-filled, funky photos of this amazing Namibian’s socks. Yes, socks! I »

Let the infusions be-GIN!

As a massive gin-lover, I try to keep my fingers on the pulse of new releases in the gin world. The gin market has exploded these last few years, and one of the new things being introduced are infusions. Imagine my delight when I discovered that Copper & Coal Distillery »

A meal in a Box – convenient, delicious and easy!

Cooking is a skill that never goes out of style – we all have to eat, right? Cooking requires another very important skill: planning. You have to make sure that you have the right pasta, the right spices, the right protein, and the right veggies. Doing the weekly shop on »

Let them eat cake

There are few things in life that cheer me up as much as a beautiful cake and a hot cup of rooibos tea. Marion’s Cakes in Windhoek is a gourmet novelty cake baker based in Windhoek. Their first cake was baked in 2010 and they’ve now got over 3 000 »

Gelowige Ma’s

Daar word vertel dat toe Neil Armstrong vir sy ouers vertel het dat hy ‘n vlieënier wil word het sy ma gesê het hy het net soveel rede om te leer vlieg as die man in die maan. Min het sy geweet dat haar seun die eerste man op die »

You are beautiful.

To any mom who has ever felt that she is not beautiful. To every mom who has judged herself too harshly. You are beautiful and always will be.  As a mom of two girls, whose idea of a perfect mom has no judgement, I want them to see that I »